JFK Assassination Solved, by God (12)

JFK Assassination Solved, by God (12)

It may have dawned on you that with the Medical reports and testimony by the Attending Physicians in Dallas ‘treating’ President John F. Kennedy declaring three virtually simultaneous deadly head wounds via coordinated wireless fired electronic weapons – THAT IT WAS IMPOSSSIBLE THAT THE “OSWALD RIFLE” COULD HAVE BEEN USED AS THE MURDER WEAPON – IT DID NOT HAVE THE WIRELESS RECEIVER AND ELECTRONIC FIRING PIN MODIFICATIONS TO IT.

There was no attached device to the weapon of the wireless receiver or the electronic firing pin shown or reported or photographed. THAT MEANS ALL THE “OSWALD RIFLE FRAGMENTS ” WERE IMPLANTS BY THE ONLY ONES ABLE TO – THOSE OF THE SECRET SERVICE.

The alternative would involve a real dog chase the tail.

# There was apparent reliable testimony that the “Oswald Rifle” was actually a German made Mauser and NOT what was shown to the world.

# If the “Oswald Rifle” were indeed used as the first as the rear shot – this involves further treasoners of Dallas Police that would have had to “break down the electronic evidence” from the rifle before it was entered and booked and shown. Possibly even in the Evidence Room or wherever it may have been specially held before further involvement such as ballistics tests etc. –

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Was this why the Mauser Rifle was shown ? – To give time to remove the modifications from the “Oswald Rifle” ? And further – Dallas Police would have had to be able to smuggle the “Oswald Rifle” out of the building to remove the modifications first.

If that (the Mauser Rifle) was ALREADY PREPARED to be shown as it was AND FIRED as being one of the three actual murder weapons, Then the reported “Mauser Rifle” would have had to shown the wireless receiver and electronic firing devices modifications that were not reported – but rather a normal looking Mauser Rifle which looks a lot like the reported “murder weapon” -the Oswald Rifle.

# The “Pristine Bullet” would have to have been fired earlier before “planting” it as evidence. This means they (conspirators) indeed had pocession of the “Oswald Rifle” before the assassination, and fired it at least twice to retreive the “pristine bullet” and other fragments reportedly identified as from the “Oswald Rifle”.

Things are much simpler as they appeared. The Oswald rifle and spent cartridges on the floor were indeed planted. Since there was ONLY one rear entry wound to the President’s head (rear, about size of pencil hole – the other two rounds hitting from the side and front) then the trajectory lined up shows where the ACTUAL wireless controlled electronic firing pin rigged rifle was positioned and it, and the assassin, where positioned.

Further, since it was a wireless controlled electronic firing pin 3 rifles/assassins shooting gallery – this could explain the earlier mentioned G. G. Slack actual involvement as to his very, very, very strange statement of “help” to Police insisting to make the statement that he heard the first shot as sounding like it was fired back inside “like from inside a cave” to throw off thoughts of wireless involvement – by duping to believe this wireless signal would not reach inside as to, for example, coming from the one DalTex Building broken window “perch” as someone back inside a ways with a rifle.


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