JFK Assassination Solved, by God (14)

JFK Assassination Solved, by God (14)


There is a verse in the Scriptures (Holy Bible, Authorized King James) ….

Book of Matthew, Chapter 23
Verse 24 Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

…that makes my point and not to accept as belittling. Again, I was 10 years old Nov 22 1963 and all the researchers of the day were like older brothers or Uncle ages to me that I later heard about and read through the years on up to now – the internet and researchers online.

From the beginning, each point of the assassination and Warren Report discovered seemed so trivial but was earth shattering – each in themselves – showing either grave incompetence or worst, cover up and conspiracy.  Each point discovered, all, are making up a foundation and then castle of true evidence of what truly happened – opposite of what the Public has been told, the lone Lee Harvey Oswald Story.

However, and taking that into account and especially the early on public investigations, the two areas I find all these years later were so obvious and seemingly IMPOSSIBLE for the researchers to have missed and never commented on.

These are firstly the Parkland Hospital Doctors and their testimonies and reports. OBVIOUSLY they described THREE shots hit the President in the head virtually simultaneously. The obvious first shot, being the carbine pencil sized hole at the top of the back of the President’s head, is still slightly vague to me where this has been commented on by the Doctors and medical personnel. However, the other two shots that hit were WELL mentioned and described – one being the massive hit/wound in the front of the head all the world saw from the magazine color photos taken from the Zapruder film and published ( I believe it was Life magazine shortly after the dust settled) . The other was the description of the exit wound about the size of a baseball out of the BACK of the President’s head, below the pencil sized carbine entry hole – above by seemingly a couple inches.

So the one point was that no one seemed to ever say that Parkland Hospital reported that President Kennedy suffered THREE shots virtually simultaneously to the head being his cause of death.

(Speaking of the ‘brain missing’ at Bethesda – “about less than a handful left” [Paul O’Conner] – if that was all that was present in Parkland Hospital, then I find it impossible respected Doctors there would have bothered with resuscitation. Of course they reported about only one third was blown away – completely gone. )

But the other new point is that the frontal massive wound is on the RIGHT SIDE of the President’s head. This is supposed to be the exit wound from Oswald’s rifle. This constitutes the NEW MAGIC BRAIN BULLET that no one seems to ever mention. This is so simple it is VERY pathetic it has never been said. If, as reported, Oswald shot Kennedy from behind, then the skipped over massive hole in the rear, but mentioned entry hole somewhere back there, was coming from the REAR AND RIGHT AND ABOVE President Kennedy.

So here we have the SECOND MAGIC BULLET !
If Oswald shot from above, and right of, and behind – then that bullet that hit President Kennedy from behind is SUDENNLY TAKING A RIGHT TURN OUT OF THE President’s head to the RIGHT INSTEAD OF LEFT. The reported Oswald shots were from above, and from right to left in striking ANYONE in this criss cross angle from behind. Don’t you think then that the Oswald EXIT WOUND WOULD BE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF KENNEDY’S HEAD AND NOT THE RIGHT???


Now they (the cover up) already tried to explain that the head movement backwards was from a nerve/muscle reaction natural movement from being struck from behind by the Oswald ‘magic brain bullet’. LOL Gee Whiz, the only thing wrong with that “theory” is that President Kennedy was mising the top third of his brain and head on the right side where ANY of those skeletal-muscle nerves would have been present to react in such described manner. In other words, that entire area was instantaneously missing as by explosion – as opposed to a normal type scenario of rear entry striking these areas to possibly conduct such irregular movement as their “theory” suggested. Simply, there was not the normal type through and through they were describing present as OBVIOUSLY this exit wound was several times LARGER than ANY EXIT WOUND that any type CARBINE ROUND would cause – defining the EXPLOSIVE TIP ROUND reported by Parkland Doctors causing the “finger like” flange blow back of the scalp ONLY caused by an EXPLOSIVE TIPPED ROUND. These are the Professional and Expert Opinions, the reported FACTS, by those who “treated” President John F. Kennedy shortly after 12:30PM November 22, 1963.

I do not believe it was ever reported that the Oswald rifle was “rifled” – which is a type of groove cut into the inside of the gun barrel all the way up as a like spiralling out winding out groove. This, called a rifled barrel, sets the bullet spinning in a circular motion on its way out of the barrel for more precision and longer range. It also adds speed as the bullet in this spinning manner is cutting the atmosphere in its smallest air resistance possible and is why they are cone shaped for least air resistance as well – adding as much pinpointing accuracy as possible.

This also would greatly reduce any wobbling type motion of the head of the bullet traveling, the nose cone so to speak, which also makes a “cleaner” entry wound as opposed to a bullet in the extreme wobbling hitting sideways after wobbling that far out as to like a “tumbling bullet” which would greatly lose speed and distance in the extreme. That entry wound would be large and mis-shapen as opposed to what was observed as the pencil sized carbine type hole in the rear of President Kennedy’s head – a clean entry which would have only occurred by close proximity rather than a long long far away shot that inevitibly would have began to wobble/tumble. This too hints to the closeness of the assassin(s ) or combined as using “rifled barrels” for the two carbine shots – one from the rear and one from the front. Of course note the scope of the assassination and that anything amateur has been ruled out by all sane people. Therefore, rifled barrels were absolutely employed, as there is no other choice for such a chosen precision hoped for as a “clean hit” (did it, and got away with it) .

NOTE that the famous/infamous M-16 Rifle introduced in the Viet Nam Conflict was more an artillery weapon as opposed to a standard issue rifle. It fired longer and more accurate than ANY rifle in the world such as the opposing AK-47. In theory the M-16 supplied army could kill all charging forces before they ever came into range to do the opposite – and is why I have always said it should be classified as an artillery piece which is what artillery does.

Nevertheless, at some point a type of anti-rifling of the barrel of the M-16 was intentionally made causing the round to severely wobble and tumble at close range even. It was turned into a “Saturday Night Special” (noted as a cheap piece of crap that could not shoot straight, or far) as kind of making it like the old World War Two Thompson machine gun and SEVERELY DIMINSHED the ability of the rifle design. The point was that when this tumbler round hit – it would richochet all over the place inside the body causing many wounds instead of just the one, intentionally. This cut the chances of survival to quite minimal for any enemy hit, as well considering triage military medical treament in the field – patch ’em up and send ’em back in – too many wounds were skipped over and even left to bleed to death. Understand that Communist North Viet Nam and China were cheating cheating cheating. China in conspiracy with them were pouring communist troops into the Viet Nam War. America could wait for them to ‘fess up in a UN Council while literally hundreds of thousands may have been killed – or step up the bombing and introduce “Mr. Saturday Night Special”.

Unbelievably, North Viet Nam President Ho Chi Minh actually sued the United States because of the damage intentionally by the M-16 “tumbler” round for “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” from our own United States Constitution. Absurd perhaps.

Rifling – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Barrel rifling was invented in Augsburg, Germany at the end of the fifteenth century. In 1520 August Kotter, an armourer of Nuremberg, Germany improved upon …


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