JFK Assassination Solved, by God (16)

JFK Assassination Solved, by God (16)


As mentioned above – the religious implications intended – the “real” mystery of this entire tragic affair is actually the back/neck wounds to the President – the three head wounds and how and why occurred and from where has been established.

THIS is that “smoking gun” area, if you will, that CLEARLY defines the Obstruction Of Justice that DID occur ending as the Presidential Commission Warren Report presented to him – President Lyndon Baines Johnson . CLEARLY in ANY Court of Law the obstruction of justice occurring is the presentation in finality containing falsified evidence, and the whole path of it and who and to who which defines the “Cover Up” and clearly meaning accessory after the fact in the technicality of the law. It gets said, “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”, and so ultimately President Johnson and Congress have to had accept the blame as being under their lawful hand whether they claim ignorance of the falsified evidence entered or not. Technically they have to had to accept Accessory to Murder After the Fact in the very least by presenting/receiving the false report of the evidence as the final “inquest” of “all” evidence in the “murder investigation”. The Commission was given FULL legal powers so that there can be NO EXCUSE to the results presented – which were quite “fudged”, incomplete, and inept as the worst Travesty of Justice in American history if not the world.

The “oddities” of the back/neck wounds of President Kennedy in the extreme are a reported actual three shots to this area. Two in the rear, and one in the front. The oddities are that all are reported as entry wounds and none of those showing or reporting or testifying any exit wounds from them. This means at worst there were three and lesser two, but at least one bullet lodged in the President’s neck/back area. If simply the throat wound was an entry wound and only wound to these areas with no exit wound, as reported by Parkland Hospital – then obviously where is the bullet ? Worst, if there was also an entry wound in the back at this area with no exit wound – then where are the TWO bullets ?


JFK-ASSASSINATED by the U.S. Government
[about 32 minutes into this film forward shows most of the neck/back wounds controversies]
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Let’s go here with the simpler report of the two wounds – one in the back and one in the front neck. Both apparently are being reported as entry wounds, and in the very least – the front neck wound is testified to as an entry wound by Parkland Hospital.

So where are the exit wounds ? NONE are reported, testified to. THAT means AT LEAST ONE bullet had to be lodged in the President’s body according to the Parkland Hospital. The reported second entry wound on the back ALSO had to be from a bullet lodged in the President’s body. So, in the least, there had to be at least one bullet lodged in the President and in the extreme – three. Again, there are no reports OR testimony of ANY exit wounds.


The Doctor (s ) testified/reported that there was the entry wound to the front about at the adam’s apple. They did not say from a hand gun at close range, but apparently as a carbine rifle style wound from distance.

I would have to beyond all reasonable doubt conclude that as completely wrong. If a rifle shot, and in the scheme of things being a military round from a carbine, struck the area of the Adam’s Apple from the front – the EXIT wound would be after the, in effect of, severing the President’s head as shattering the vertebrae and cutting the spinal cord at the neck leaving about only muscle and other tissue left – no vertabrae bones or spinal cord to the brain.

Simply look to Gov. Connally and what the one bullet did – shattering rib and wrist bones and remainder lodging in the thigh. This is a same similar damage that would have occurred to the President’s neck bones and all.

If that were true, why would the Doctors attempt resuscitation ? If there is no spinal cord nerves to the President’s brain ? To what effect ? These are like a zillion optical fibers in the spinal cord carrying commands from the brain and also veins and arteries for blood and oxygen to and from. If these were blown away by a rifle round there would be nothing to resuscitate ! It would be the equivalent of someone beheaded. There is no treatment possible OBVIOUSLY. It is not possible to reattach the head and revive a person, yet anyway.

The only way I could accept the Doctor’s testimony as an entry wound here is that it is quite conceivable, and according to their excellent reputation and competence, is that they may have hoped by sight – first observation impression – that it was an entry wound from a side angle and began to feel around a little for neck bone (vertebrae). If they felt “mush” then they concluded the vertebrae and spinal cord were indeed destroyed as no hope for resuscitation procedures. If this occurred, they indeed then did feel vertebrae and assumed the spinal cord was somewhat if not totally intact and THEN proceeded to resuscitation procedures. Again, otherwise what was the point? Common sense prevails.

If they felt “mush” (no vertebrae bone) they would most likely have pronounced him DOA – dead on arrival. They did not. Their response to all present would have been “he is dead, there is no spinal cord connected to the brain – no treatment possible” or in some similar fashion. They did not.

In other words and as well, the Doctors were not performing an autopsy or forensics of wounds – entry and exit. They were performing immediate necessary emergency treatment of the wounded President. They saw the neck wound in front and were not moving the body around as adding trauma to the already grievously multiply wounded President – searching for exit wounds was redundant to the immediate assessment of possible resuscitation procedures which they then immediately did apply. Their concern and concentration was certainly not with exit wounds but rather perhaps the hope at a glance that the neck wound in front was from the side seems valid to proceed as I would assume – and indeed they went onto the tracheal tube procedure for oxygen to the President. And HERE CERTAINLY defines there was NO BULLET lodged in the President’s neck at the front wound here or they would have CERTAINLY noticed and reported it and would as well probably have blocked the tracheal procedure – the tracheotomy they performed on top of the wound which was testified/reported by them as done SOLELY as to not make a fresh incision for a tracheotomy procedure to the President’s already extreme traumatic condition – it would have unnecessarily added more trauma to the shocked body.
(I would assume that an injection of morphine and then make a new incision for a tracheotomy procedure was OBVIOUSLY ruled out because of the massive blood loss and the only two heartbeats audible were from the resuscitation procedures. In other words that in itself would cause death if resuscitation procedures could have been successful in any fashion. In other words I believe the Doctors about the tracheotomy procedure applied and do not believe AT ALL that they were involved in ANY conspiracy WHATSOEVER as to “changing wounds”. )


It would be insanity and paranoid to think or believe the Secret Service in some manner like stabbed the President’s back and neck with like a screw driver or something – to inflict the wounds, or make extra ones, to in some manner be in conspiracy as setting up the “magic bullet” theory that prevailed as the worst lie in a murder case history – regarding to whom occurred and by those investigating involved as well ! President Kennedy was cradled in First Lady Jackie’s lap after the head wound all the way to Parkland Hospital – and BEFORE the Secret Service Agent jumped onto the vehicle from the rear after the shots. It seems inconceivable to think the Secret Service, or anyone, had an opportunity to do something as this from the moment the President was removed from the Limosine and taken into the Attending Physicians considering all the prying eyes on the scene.

So here we are…. the President had apparently two entry wounds about the neck area and lower – the front neck wound and the back below the neck wound – both appearing strangely as entry wounds and NO BULLETS found or reported lodged in the President. During the autopsy, it is insane and paranoid to think or believe that someone or persons “carved” into the dead President to dig out lodged bullets in these areas – PERHAPS.

It is also ABSURD to think that two different shooters, front and rear, BOTH hit these areas causing the visible wounds and BOTH bullets were somehow lucky enough not to have caused ANY damage BUT to lodge in the President’s body as kind of like sticking a pencil in a bowel of jello. That is beyond probabilities calculated for anyone so disposed to. Again, they were not reported as close up hits/shots – they were from distance. This removes some lucky probability of two shooters to have done this. It is simply impossible.

What would have stopped the bullets from exiting the body? They would both have to have been of such a low powder load in the bullet cartridge as to preclude they would only travel at most about an inch into the body, and lucky enough not to hit bone or solid. THAT low of a powder load would as well preclude they HAD to be fired at anywhere near POINT BLANK RANGE. They did not OBVIOUSLY.


There is apparently only one explanation and is my conclusion according to things visible and testified to and reported. If you will remember or dig, there was the x-ray report that one of the President’s vertebrae was nicked. This was about at the area of the wounds of the neck/back area.

REFERENCE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_of_John_F._Kennedy
“According to the Warren Commission[24] and the House Select Committee on Assassinations,[25] as President Kennedy waved to the crowds on his right with his right arm upraised on the side of the limo, a shot entered his upper back, penetrated his neck, slightly damaged a spinal vertebra and the top of his right lung, exited his throat nearly centerline just beneath his larynx, then nicked the left side of his suit tie knot. He then raised his elbows and clenched his fists in front of his face and neck, then leaned forward and towards his left. “

It is my opinion that indeed President Kennedy was shot from behind, entering just below the neck area and was of the scheme that day of a military high power carbine rifle. This round passed into the body in the rear, hitting the disc and nicking the top of the vertebrae and then ricocheted upwards – coming out of the President’s neck in front and passed onto striking the “chrome dash” at the top of the windshield of the President’s Limosine on the inside of the vehicle.

You will remember how badly they tried to lie about this and were caught. They claimed it happened from previous auto maintenance performed by a clumsy worker. Photographs on November 21st 1963 revealed it was INTACT!

Bullet holes in the limousine and extra bullets in Dealey Plaza
(About at 3 minutes into this YouTube shows the picture of the Limosine chrome dash was INTACT Nov 21, 1963 in San Antnio TX – submitted document says it occurred 11/01/61 !)
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It seems unlikely this would not have left a larger exit wound, as Doctors said the front throat wound appeared as an entry wound. THIS may be the ONLY time the Warren Commission people were RIGHT when they said to them “You must be mistaken”. I think this is the ONLY PLAUSIBLE explanation of these wounds.

Again, to revert to the secret service was stabbing the body to make wounds – well OBVIOUSLY President Kennedy WAS SHOT in the throat area as seen on the many photos and films that day. We have to account for this. I think I may have.

Ironically, the “pristine bullet” probably looked VERY MUCH like the bullet that did this, having the slight nick on it, exiting the President before striking the chrome dash. This may account for such the clean exit wound on the President’s throat – especially considering no doubt it was fired through a rifled barrel.

A bottom line here is as well, that my conclusion might also explain the “fudging” of this evidence from the autopsy to the commission which apparently is then attempting to hide the other shooter’s position – another shooter other than their reported Lee Oswald. In other words it was impossible Oswald lined up with this shot considering entry wound in rear and the throat wound the exit wound – and the “moving of the wounds” as intentional false testimony then hides that the position of the actual shooter had to be from a much lower trajectory as street level or not much higher. However in my conclusion it is not that the wounds were from a straight pass through shot – but rather entered and deflected by the vertebrae ricocheted upward.

Additionally and obviously they had to hide this shot because it blew everything….. Oswald would not be the only assassin and becomes conspiracy if there were more than one. So the “magic bullet theory” takes on this new dimension by my conclusion. I believe it has been proved according to Zapruder Film frames examination that this shot was followed quickly by the next that hit Gov. Connally. These two shots could NOT have been fired by Oswald’s rifle because it was a minimum of something like 2.3 seconds after a shot to move the bolt action and then fire again (and not even taking into consideration of about another second to aim before shooting) .

I would consider that, actually lining up the two wounds, the exit wound seems a tad towards an extreme upward angle – and noting the President was sitting upright when hit here. It would seem that if hit from Oswald’s reported position that there would have been more centrifugal speed – high from a sixth floor and downward. I would assume the angle of the deflection would be much lower where it exited from just from the speed and extra force added to the round – causing a more straighter line path of entry wound to exit wound.
A lower position from street level or not much higher (2nd floor or lower) would seem to more account for the sharper upward exiting angle as without the added centrifugal speed and force pushing causing a more straighter path – wound to wound. Shooting from the lower position would be a slower round hitting, naturally, and therefore more subject or prone to a more extreme deflection path if hitting anything – here just barely nicking the vertebrae.

In other words it would be like two cars – one nicking a pole or like a trash can full of sand at 100 MPH and the other at 200 MPH to make the point. The one hitting at 100 MPH would be more prone to body damage and even causing some swerve. The 200 MPH car would more push the pole or can off rather than absorb the hit and take a lesser of a nick in body damage.

So to add to my conclusion, the neck/back wound was NOT by Lee Harvey Oswald or anyone else on the 6th Floor of the TSBD. That leaves the only other cover from the rear for an assassin as the DalTex Building on Houston – either from 2nd or 1st floor or the outside fire escape from between the two floors…… SEE :

Administrator Research Contributions (OPAL BUST)

Watch YouTube



One additional point here is there was no exit wound on the neck if indeed their reported “entry wound” on the throat occurred from a side shot and exited the throat area just hitting flesh and possibly muscle tissue – no bones. In real world then – the Doctors reportedly observing and also testifying the throat wound in front was an entry wound, then they indeed would apparently assume the neck vertebrae (s) had been shattered and spinal column severed causing instantaneous death. This goes back to a shadow on Parkland Hospital as to going through the “dog show” of the “play” of attempting resuscitation on a DOA Dead On Arrival. Why ? To make Mrs. Kennedy feel a little better like they tried but lost him ? Ridiculous. Not wanting any liability and do everything available as treatment ? Isn’t that desecration of a corpse ? It certainly is by the law. EVERYONE now knows President John Fitzgerald Kennedy arrived DOA because of the MASSIVE head wounds. There is NO other truth. DON”T hand us the Catholic crap whereas we have separation of Church/State laws which President Kennedy him self preached – whereas religious rite now is acceptable as to intervening and suddenly making it okay to commit PERJURY AND FALSE SWEARING OF STATE AND FEDERAL DOCUMENTS OF DEATH CERTIFICATE AS TO TIME EXPIRED doctors! Unfortunately they have to be charged with this as setting 1:00 as time of death after Catholic Rite.


# Doctors, have you EVER in all your life in all the history of the world ever witnessed or heard of or reported that ANYONE with about “one third of their brain blown away” had ANY chance whatsoever of living or revived by resuscitation or where ever other than DOA ? No.

# Where the Doctors themselves ordered by the Secret Service to go along with the “dog show” of the Catholic rite to buy time ? Where they told to wait the time (about a half an hour) for the Priest as being lied to that this would help National Security in some fashion that the killer (s) did not know if they were successful or the world as including American Enemies, or in any scenario as to helping law officials catch the villain (s) having them think they could surrender because they only wounded rather than killed ?

# Did the Secret Service order everyone to keep quiet and tell no one yet the President is dead because they needed an half hour to get DEFCON 2 (nuclear war) in place if the Communists did this (of course we know the Secret service was in on it, so meaning was the Secret Service lying to everyone with plausible explanations but why.)

# Why was the extra half hour before announcing death necessary ? OBVIOUSLY everyone knew this was DOA. I mean Mrs. Kennedy herself said “I have his brains in my hand”. People are dead with “missing brains”. Common sense, and here scientific fact prevail. The President was DOA at approximately 12:30 PM PERIOD. Instantaneous death. Fatal gun shot wounds to the head.


NOTE: The “half hour” delay time for Announcement of Death according to the scheme of things in this conspiracy no doubt tied into the framing of Lee Harvey Oswald, as the police report went out with description and then the police shooting and then the capture of him. This apparently was why the Secret Service had to “buy a half hour” – the arrest to occur almost within the hour and all the newspapers world wide lighting up with “Lone nut assassin defector caught” , which off the top “relieved” all efforts to continue to search further for any one else. “We got him”.


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