JFK Assassination Solved, by God (3)

JFK Assassination Solved, by God (3)

Just as introduction, basically 1963 was void of many, many, many taken-for-granted practical inventions and lifestyle today. Color TV was not even invented yet ! There were no personal computers – and possibly not even dreamed of yet. No cell phones or smart phones. No Satellite TV or internet – and of course no internet at all or even dreamed of yet probably. The Presidential Assassination on November 22 1963 is sometimes referred to as the first “media circus” in America – and as giving birth to the modern Live News casts on location.

Because the assassination was obviously the “crime of the century” – and especially upon knowledge of the death of the President, all newscasts were broadcasting all tidbits blow by blow, minute by minute, of all the events unfolding. There was the initial witnesses pointing to a man seen in the 6th Floor window of the Schoolbook Depository and the Police rushing in there. And rapidly, events unfolded to the broadcast for a possible suspect and the finding of the apparent murder weapon and finding the suspect after minutes before of a local Dallas Police Officer gunned down in the streets involved in a possible arrest or questioning – whether related yet unknown. There were some processed movie clips being shown – and the famous Abe Zapruder being interviewed and the suggestion to get his home film processed as fast as possible.

So we all know the history – as literally with in a handful of hours that some ‘lone assassin” with a Communist background was arrested who worked in the Schoolbook Depository and was found to be the owner of the rifle found on the 6th Floor where he was working which included the three spent cartridges on the floor beside the window a man was seen in with a rifle – and as well was charged with the Police Officer homicide. And then the bizarre occurence of the suspect murdered in the Police Building live on Television during the funeral of President J. F. Kennedy while he (Oswald) was in transport and by some supposed ‘mafia’ figure.

The overall Conspiracy has engaged very early on to COMMITTMENT. They committed to the murder weapon and the murderer and most importantly that the fatal shot occurred from the 6th Floor of the Depository Building – BEHIND the President. ALL the evidence now going on IMMEDIATELY after the fatal shot (s ) have to agree with the SHOT FROM BEHIND FROM THE 6TH FLOOR and that Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots – ONLY 3 – with the murder weapon found and spent shells beside it, 3.

As to who knew what that was involved in the conpiracy can be arrived at with the intense conclusion of the case, all told. What immediately occurring after the assassination and pronounced death of the President was one of the first evidence tamperings by the ILLEGAL seizure of the dead president’s body at Parkland Hospital to PREVENT a legal Autopsy under Texas Law and Juirsdiction. THIS was quite neccessary as we find that part of the over all Conspiracy as persuading the Kennedy Family present – Widow Mrs. Kennedy and brother U.S. Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy – to the hope of offering the limited findings to archives that “locked up” the evidence for that time period (see the Gift Law and either 25 or 50 years in Archives) – limited as also the knowing and suggesting towards the Kennedy Family to NOT allow some procedures of the Autopsy because of the “health secrets’ of the President.



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