JFK Assassination Solved, by God (4)

JFK Assassination Solved, by God (4)



Now upon verifying all these – it gives a VERY GREAT dismissal of many, many instances of reference to the “autopsy was contolled by conpsirators”. That is really important as putting together the over all view of the Parts of the Conpiracy and those of suspicion or report or fact.

Let’s start with one person “ordered the hit”…..

We have the later screwball lack of security of the Parade Route circumstance under complete suspicion and slight bewilderment. We have the “insider” Col. Prouty giving us the information missing on the actual intelligent factual read out about the normal Presidential Security doings for these Public Events and like events. I myself signed the Petition that was going around in the mid-1970s to reopen the case on the basis of the Military being stopped from performing their normal procedures for the Dallas Presidential Parade Route.

Much the Public was being “turned on to” was from the basically first original publication that shot accross the Nation like wildfire that everyone was reading or being told about that was the book ‘Six Seconds In Dallas’. The Parade Route beginnings of “conspiracy theories” also was being the great puzzle as the story went that the Parade Route knowledge was not legally released until just two weeks before the actual event Nov. 22 1963. How did Oswald the assassin know to be on the Parade Route in the “kill zone” at least one month before, getting employment there – and two weeks before the Parade Route could have possibly have been known by anyone in Dallas including Authorities ? It is found it is leaked and there was the “persuading” of the entire trip to President Kennedy and all involved for the trip – the parade route itself of this being a trivial detail to him/them in the overall actual decision to go to Dallas and the politicking involved and the Public appearances.

So the HIT……

Presuming one person ordered the murder, they needed to be THAT inside of the U.S. Government itself. We have the presumed several parts of that.
# The Military part involving Parade Route Security and all logistics of that. A major preeminent part of this is the Secret Service had the legal authority for any call up for additional protections and there was the “stand down order” to the 113th for Parade Route security.
# The personnel such as assassins and contacts and meetings and persuassions and all involved of putting the hit together would lean towards C.I.A. type tactics – these professionally trained in these type orders.
# Evidence tamperings and plants and all involved suggest the F.B.I. as being professionally trained in this area as well as investigations.

So one person ordering the hit would apparently logically begin at the top – the military. This would also coordinate all things such as arrangements and who among persons through CIA abilities and then FBI as far as all evidence securing ALL EVIDENCE TO POINT TO THE COMMITTMENT – the “lone assassin” with Communist background shooting from the REAR – 3 shots ONLY – that indeed was in place virtually within the hour.

As you may be already percieve, my conclusions are based almost entirely on the witnessing of Col. Prouty. BUT there is a religious aspect I don’t believe has ever been considered and is why I point all to “one person ordered the hit”. There are/were two underground kings involved at the time. These both would/will have total rulership over the ENTIRE worldwide organized crime. A “Godfather” would simply be a “corner boy” to either and both of these kings. These are defined as the 6th and 7th Kingdoms with world dominion found in the Book Of Revelation of the Authorized King James Holy Bible and IN DETAIL HERE…..
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The 6th King is the head of “Red Communism” which attempted world dominion and was strategically put down by President John Fitzgerald Kennedy at the Cuban Missle Crisis. The 7th King is who defeats the 6th King (US – only available super power ability to do such) BUT the 6th King (“of the seven”) becomes the 8th King who we all have heard about as called the Beast and 666 and the Devil’s Champion and all the like who will rule 70 years including the years as underground ruler of Russia as the 6th and 8th King (underground – murder, bribery, assassination, paid votes, etc. – illegal activities to control) .

Now we have the Allies defeating Hitler’s Germany and world dominion attempt via false prophecy (dirt mountain – earthy) – as they are crying at defeat “Fall on Us – it is the Wrath of the Lamb [Jesus Christ second Coming] upon us”….. so that this “Mountain thrown into the sea” [defeat of their king of the mountain Adolph Hitler] shows two things. One, ironically is the event of false prophecy by Hitler [kill all Jews and God will not return] which later rests in the actual False Prophet under the Beast 666. Hitler uniquely was able to deceive the 7 kingdoms that will sit on the 7 mountains [underground kings and dominions in succession since the death of Jesus Christ to the End of Time] by practically indecipherable Scriptures interpretation and teaching [master race, eugenics, etc] which the 7 Kings are the witchcraft that rules. Two, is that though this is beyond the Prophecy revealed about the 7 kingdoms but included, it is understood that Christianity destroyed the evil and again at the Cuban Missle Crisis so that the obvious as saying JFK was operating at the instructions of the 7th King of the devil is not implied at all.

I think now you may understand my Premise that indeed “One Person Ordered The Hit” – and this is now the Religious Mystery included and introduced as to whether the obvious being the 6th King of Red Communism [undergound rulers of Communism worldwide] ordering JFK dead for the two reasons of reciprocity for the public embarressment of the Cuban Missle Crisis and the destruction of the World Peace Plan that the Honorable President John F. Kennedy introduced and continually attended from day one at the Innaugural Speech – OR whether the 7th Kingdom (US) ordering the assassination as preventing that very Peace Plan who “shall continue a short space ….” [14 years give or take]. WHY is this the ACTUAL TRUTH ? ……

Authorized King James Holy Bible
New Testament
Book Of Revelation
Chapter 17 Verse 18
“And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. ” .
C.18 V. 24 “And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth”.

GOD SAID IT – I BELIEVE IT …. is a common saying of those of Faith.

THE IMPORTANCE….. is that all Christianity is taught, instructed, and believes BEYOND the shadow of a doubt that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was martyred by the king of this evil City engaging antichrist world dominion. This ONLY means that ONE PERSON – the one king ordered his “execution”.

Looking over the Autopsy revealation that actually the Kennedy family was “controlling” this – it takes away a lot of a conpiracy as far as having to control those present and evidences as well – as quite easily simply maneavering them into restricting the autopsy hiding JFK health history and sealing up the actual evidence into the National Archives for them. So, the point is the “size of the conspiracy” is really shrunken here by these events of the Kennedys themselves.
Like the implication “could Organized Crime control the parade route and Wash. DC and the Secret Service and the Officers and the autopsy ? No, it is much bigger. ” —- in other words it is that lighter of all that were in on it or controlled by it – the assassination conspiracy.


The importance is it would OBVIOUSLY be the 7th King (USA Undergound) who ordered the assassination of JFK if THAT MUCH of the American Gov’t was being controlled or “on the payroll” and they all would have to have been THAT EVIL obviously to agree to it. It is simply that UNBELIEVABLE that the USSR Underground governement controlled THAT MUCH of America.
HOWEVER – if it is just the handful of persons making arrangements (here dismissing for instance any outside control of the autopsy via conpirators thus the Medical Officers are not included as suspects ) – THEN these fewer could certainly have been approached from international sources as those of the undergorund Soviet Russia (USSR). This is along the same lines that US Organized Crime could not have reached that far into the American Gov’t. and so the other side of the coin – neither could have the USSR.

In shorter terms, the actual conspiracy then to assassinate President Kennedy simply involved the ordered ‘contract hit’ by this head of “Red Communism” (Jackie Kennedy – “They killed him…” ) and those handful, only a handful, of traitors of the USA in those necessary strategic places to carry it out. The real conspiracy is then much smaller than imagined in size of persons, as some wild theories simply snowballed to almost the entire USA Governement was “in on it” – being that absurd. However, let us not forget here that President Kennedy and the USSR President et al were negotiating and seeing the day very imminent in the very near future to achieve, finally, Nuclear Disarmament. Now we look to President LBJ addressing the US Congress saying to “let’s pass all these laws to honor President Kennedy” – which were a lot of the civil things and more. BUT, now President, Pres. L.B. Johnson NEVER moved to continue the Nuclear Disarmament hopes of President J. F. Kennedy – but rather ushered the USA into the Viet Nam War with Communism into the millions of troops rotated throughout.

However, when we get rid of all the Public Panic and fire of wild eyed conspiracy theories and vain misinformed beliefs that prevailed for all these years – it finally is melted down to the small handful of Goverment Insiders that indeed could and did pull this off who could have been hired by either side – American or Russian “evil empires” members and rulers.


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