JFK Assassination Solved, by God INTRODUCTION

JFK Assassination Solved, by God INTRODUCTION

Let me begin here that I became an amatuer JFK Researcher beginning with the launch of my Forum created named,

JFK 50 Year Jubilee Hearings HERE http://jfk50yearjubilee.freesmfhosting.com/

…in Feb. 2011.

With a 6 to 12 month study of all available and posted – sifting nonsense and paranoa to “Just the Facts M’aam” – I posted all credible YouTubes and many from the Honorable and Famous Atty. Mark Lane who made all things now digitally available online. It was he who was hired by the Oswald Family for Lee Harvey Oswald as presumed innocent until proven guilty. It was a most unique situation and posistion for the “Mystery of History” – the JFK Assassination. Detected perhaps early on, it posistioned Atty. Mark Lane to actually be able to open the full investigation into Conspiracy – which our Government was squelching. I think it would be fair to say that Atty. Mark Lane was more interested in solving the JFK Assassination via the Lee Harvey Oswald hire, but nevertheless of course genuinely accepting to prove him, Oswald, innocent of the murder.

The unique posistion I have and have added by posting publicly is that I have shown the Word of God involved here. Indeed all things are found in the Word of God. These have been added and pointing to direction and proper interpretation and by myself, being an eMinister of our eChurch as the eChurchOfPhiladelphia.Org. This approach or additional contribution I have not found or heard of all these 50 years now since that one of the darkest days in the history of humankind, November 22, 1963. Perhaps it will help fill in the missing pieces and of course actually does, as of course God is the Creator and Father of all and has not left the world into a mass confusion of world without end.

So let us get right to it…..

eMinister, eChurchOfPhiladelphia.Org


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