STUDY-2 REVELATIONS C.13,v.13… in the sight of men

As will be seen in line by lines ahead and the previous message, there are some alarming verses in the Christian Holy Bible that foretell of ‘signs and wonders’. Here, v.13, is the verse allowing Christians to know by the Holy Spirit of God, in His Word, that the sinners of the world shall – as well – see the signs and wonders that shall occur at the end of this World. 
NOTE: This Scripture Verse;… Revelations C.1, v.7… Behold, he (Jesus-‘Second Coming’) cometh with clouds; and every (sight of men and Christians) eye shall see him, and they (sinners) also which pierced him. Even so, Amen.
NOTE: The verses ahead shall show what signs are seen by men (sinners- non-Christian). These are the ‘fire from Heaven’ (previous message). For it is not that Holy Signs are performed by sinners, but rather are caused by them, as shall be seen – ‘lying wonders’. NOTE: This Scripture verse;… II Thessalonians C.2, v.9-10…; …after the working of Satan (False Prophet) with all power (Note: power ~ Revelations C.17, v.17…; For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will…) and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.     
LOOK: Look closely that the Scriptures do not say they (signs) are from a false power, but rather signs are from the Holy Spirit of God, which is the unforgivable sin to deny and blaspheme the Holy Spirit of God – to lie against and deny the Holy Spirit. Those that do are called ‘twice dead’ and ‘judged already – the death of the body in this world, and death of the soul to everlasting punishment in the ‘lake of fire’ (SEE: Revelations C. 20:…14   And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.
15   And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.)  . ‘Lying Wonders’ shows the deceit taken by Devils to deceive, and is explained more. (Or in other words, if God healed a lame man, the devils would say they did it).     
NOTE: ROMANS,Chapter One, best explains in detail – ‘in the sight of men’… read the entire Chapter….     
Romans Chapter 1… 
1   Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,
2   (Which he had promised afore by his prophets in the holy scriptures,)
3   Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;
4   And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead:
5   By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name:
6   Among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ:
7   To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.
8   First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.
9   For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers;
10   Making request, if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey by the will of God to come unto you.
11   For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established;
12   That is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.
13   Now I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that oftentimes I purposed to come unto you, (but was let hitherto,) that I might have some fruit among you also, even as among other Gentiles.
14   I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise.
15   So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are at Rome also.
16   For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
17   For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.
18   For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
19   Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
20   For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
21   Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
22   Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
23   And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
24   Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
25   Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
26   For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
27   And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
28   And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
29   Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
30   Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
31   Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
32   Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.   
Beyond the ‘lying wonders’, all the sinners together, Pergamos and the ‘Whore’, shall see the true power and prophecy…..   
Ezekiel C.39…
17   And, thou son of man, thus saith the Lord God; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field, Assemble yourselves, and come; gather yourselves on every side to my sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, even a great sacrifice upon the mountains of Israel, that ye may eat flesh, and drink blood.
18   Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth, of rams, of lambs, and of goats, of bullocks, all of them fatlings of Bashan.
19   And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken, of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you.
20   Thus ye shall be filled at my table with horses and chariots, with mighty men, and with all men of war, saith the Lord God.
21   And I will set my glory among the heathen, and all the heathen shall see my judgment that I have executed, and my hand that I have laid upon them.
22   So the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God from that day and forward.
23   And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword.
24   According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them.   
(ALSO NOTE IN NEW TESTAMENT: Revelations C.19… 16   And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.
17   And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;
18   That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.
19   And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.
20   And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.   
Heathen dismayed at sight…
Jeremiah 10
1   Hear ye the word which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:
2   Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.
3   For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
4   They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.
5   They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.
6   Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O Lord; thou art great, and thy name is great in might.
7   Who would not fear thee, O King of nations? for to thee doth it appertain: forasmuch as among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is none like unto thee.
8   But they are altogether brutish and foolish: the stock is a doctrine of vanities. 
Though they (Satan – Beast – False Prophet – false worshippers) sin in pleasure by ‘lying wonders’ against the ‘City of Whore’ (evil ruling class preceeding), they are yet dead, to pleasure, by the power of God observed in his signs….] …  the sight of men…     
Luke C.2110   Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:
11   And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.   
Isaiah 52
9   Break forth into joy, sing together, ye waste places of Jerusalem: for the Lord hath comforted his people, he hath redeemed Jerusalem.
10   The LORD hath made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.
11   Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean thing; go ye out of the midst of her; be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the Lord. 
Ecclesiastes 11
3   If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth: and if the tree (Satan-False Prophet) fall toward the south, or toward the north, in the place where the tree falleth, there it shall be.
4   He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.
5   As thou knowest not what is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all. 
Isaiah 40
4   Every valley (Christians chased, pushed, trodden off) shall be exalted, and every mountain (culmination of sinners in bands) and hill (many false prophets) shall be made low (trodden underfoot of prophet of Israel) : and the crooked (those decieved by iniquity of the ‘Whore’) shall be made straight (full of the light of God), and the rough places (those of gross darkness, stumbling) plain:
5   And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.   
Psalm 97  6   The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory.
7   Confounded be all they that serve graven images, that boast themselves of idols: worship Him (God), all ye gods.   
Psalm 40
1   I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.
2   He brought me up also out of an horrible pit (Beast666), out of the miry clay (Sodom and Gomorrah), and set my feet upon a rock (Jesus), and established my goings.
3   And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.
4   Blessed is that man that maketh the LORD his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.   
Psalm 37…
32   The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him.
33   The LORD will not leave him in his hand, nor condemn him when he is judged (NOTE: Revelations C.12,v.5…and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. ALSO: 11   And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.
12   And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them).
Psalm 37…
34   Wait on the Lord, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it.
35   I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.
36   Yet he passed away, and, lo, he was not: yea, I sought him, but he could not be found.
37   Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.
38   But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off. 
Psalm 112
9   He hath dispersed, he hath given to the poor; his righteousness endureth for ever; his horn shall be exalted with honour.
10   The wicked shall see it, and be grieved; he shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away: the desire of the wicked shall perish.   
Isaiah C.5…
18   Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope:
19   That say, Let him make speed, and hasten his work, that we may see it: and let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel draw nigh and come, that we may know it!
20   Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
21   Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
22   Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:
23   Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!
24   Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.   
SPECIAL NOTE: The RAINBOW: …For the convincing sake of the confidence of Christians, the one obvious ‘sign’ that can never be confused, or appearing as a false sign, or by Satan ~ is the Rainbow itself…. The Christian Holy Bible is a public record of Law and History, in it ~ the actual creation and reason of the ‘rainbow’ , which all on Earth observe… (In the 20th Century, scientists had revealed the world was once under water about the time of Noah and about 40 days of constant rain).   
RAINBOW / READ: Genesis C.9, v.12-17…. And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and you and the earth. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth -(Isaiah C.44, v.22… I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and as a cloud, thy sins: return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.)-, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters (Revelations C.17, v.15,.. And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.) shall no more become a flood (Psalm 18, v.4,..The sorrows of death compassed me, and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid. Psalm 29, v.10… The Lord sitteth upon the flood; yea, the Lord sitteth King for ever. Revelations C.12, v.5 …and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.) to destroy all flesh. (Matthew C.24, v.22, And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened)
And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth. And God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth.     

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