STUDY-2 …spake as a dragon

STUDY-2 (spake as a dragon) 
Understanding this phrase from the verse can be found in the previous Studies concerning the definitions of the ‘Beast 666’, the ‘False Prophet’ and also the ‘son of perdition’ and the Devil – Satan – the ‘Great Red Dragon’. [HINT: Use the Yahoo! Groups Search feature of Archive Messages for quick find.].   
The most important reference in this verse is an obvious temporary or transient notion of opportunity, which the False Prophet sees as a viable attack and defense plan, or has even been advised or ordered to do. And that plan seen here in the phrase of the verse – ‘spake as a dragon’ – is quite obvious, showing the False Prophet shall pretend to be the ‘Beast’ of Satan, who is called ‘the son of perdition’ by God himself. The ‘Dragon’ is defined by God as Lucifer, who is Satan, and also called the son of perdition or Hell. Obviously Satan does not ‘speak’ as a human may hear him. However, the descriptive term ‘as’ in ‘as a dragon’ shows how and what manner the False Prophet would say – being a human.   
In a further Study, the Scriptures concerning ‘standing in the Holy Place’ (Matthew C.24, v.15) shows the ‘Beast’ is called the “Abomination of Desolation”, which shall appear briefly in the ‘Holy Place’ – the Temple of God in Israel itself. For more understanding, there are many, many verses that show the Will of God – to men of God  -that ‘His House’ (church of God) shall be built by the Kings of Israel – the foremost in mind perhaps – Solomon. Research in the ‘Old Testament’ of the Christian Holy Bible.
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