STUDY-2 …whose deadly wound was healed Revelations C.13 v.12

STUDY-2 (deadly wound was healed) 

SEE previous Studies defining the ‘Beast’ and ‘False Prophet’. This phrase from the verse simply means the ignorance of all these figures, as a power delusion and falsehood in that a euphoric empty hope of power and World dominance has somehow become real, in that the ‘beast wounded by the sword’ through the Witchcrafts of Satan now in the coming ‘False Prophet’ , has become apparently the strong delusion of their belief in the strict ‘letter of the law’ definitions as World Power because, since the False Prophet is written in the Bible as creating an ‘image’ that will cause all sinners to worship the Beast – therefore he, the Beast, shall have world power again – – – and therefore is ‘healed’ of his head wound by the sword.   
The actual power of all these is commissioned by God through his Christian King – the Prophet of Israel – for His (God’s) Purposes. This is quite evident on the surface in the Scripture verse, Revelations C.17, v.17… For God has put in their (Satan worshippers) hearts to fulfill his (God’s) will….  And is most troubling at first in the alarming Scripture verse concerning the same son of perdition – the ‘beast 666’ – in this verse: Revelations C.11. v.7 …the beast..shall overcome them (all Christians except the Prophet Of Jerusalem), and kill them.
The actual commission and deployment of the True Power on Earth through God’s King of Israel – the Prophet of Jerusalem – will be defined ahead concerning the Devil and his followers in the verses showing the mysteries of ‘fire from heaven’.

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