Study4 – Mid East War (1)

Study4 – Mid East War (1)

Let us take a look at this Bin Laden Mid East War, what it is based on according to the “extremists” of the Mid East religion and their acts of terrorism.

The basics are land dispute, Bin Laden teaching all the Mid East in minor and major ways own the State Of Israel. To join Hitler would be to simply anialate all Jews there and pocess the land.
So, is the claim of Israel and Christian Nations based on Faith ? We have the “Separation of Church and State”. Of course you must review the Studies posted already about the Nation (not state) of Israel and what is theirs from God – and that is by Faith, or is it ? Is it not that Jerusalem is the exact location of the original Garden Of Eden and was already the property of the Jews cast out who by God were returned to what they owned already ?
It is quite the argument and quite acceptable perhaps by the world that anything claimed by a religion can not infringe on what is established by the Law of the Land wherever. In other words the “separation of Church and State” meaning society worldwide can not allow any religion to claim anything that is under the law of the land – State – to claim land, dictate laws, and so on. In short, generally all governments rule over religious bodies rather than the opposite. It is apparent in the U.N. and World Community that Faith is not imposed, even Kingdomships which are church/state as one.
However, in religious lands such as America there is that land that is allowed and protected by the Law of the Land that is claimed and established by valid religion such as a church built on their land and untaxable. So even in America, this absolute separation of Church and State does not exist with the protections guaranteed under its Law – the US Constitution – which provides from the “state” the absolute protection by Law of Religious Establishment. In England, it is perceived that the Church and State are one – as things ought to be worldwide a “kingdomship”. President John F. Kennedy (USA) not wanting to be labeled as the “first Catholic candidate/president” did indeed profess publicly that he agreed entirely with the “separation of church and state” in government powers and laws.
So this comes down to the fool Bin Laden and any others claiming anything that the State Of Israel was established by an act of religious faith and is therefore illegal. Was it established illegally as an act of faith by Christian nations meaning in violation of separation of church and state ? Let us take a look, and before we do consider the “State” powers and “rights” of that part of the ‘separation of church and state’. The “state” is simply what has been established at the end of a gun barrel worldwide from the beginning, all land and governments.
The “state” law simply is and has been that life is “survival to the fittest” meaning the victor in any war. We can look to the first and second World War. It was self survival for the nations involved regardless of religion, though faith itself was factor. Now also we observe that basically the conscience of nations is based on the religions which generally agree that murder, stealing, rape, physical violence, and the rest of the list are wrong and punishable. These are the general conscience of the governments though bad leaders have done bad things such as USSR President Joe Stalin and Germany’s Nazi Adolph Hitler among all the others notably.
We can go all the way back to human verses animals. Humans deem themselves more important then animals being superior as having thought and speech and reason and science, whereas animals have instinct only. Humans have domesticated those animals they could and chased the rest off to preserve themselves against them. So the idea of who is right and wrong is arguable among humans and many times has simply been decided by war and conquest. Religion can be cause of war but has never been the leader of war, with the few exceptions – though Faith is generally at the heart of wars. We even note that “lesser” humans have been called “savages” such as the “American Natives” formerly called the American Indians as one example.
This is leading to that the State of Israel has been accepted and protected by that majority of Nations in Agreement in the United Nations and prior League of Nations. Bin Laden and the rest cannot base that this is an illegal establishment by Religion and Faith and is therefore illegal and to be overturned. It has been established at the end of a gun and can only be overthrown in the same way anywhere – any land or nation – to say that when has any land ever been accomplished simply by word of mouth ? All lands have been established by human war and preserved in the same manner as today’s World.
So let’s take a look at that humans as human law have established the State of Israel which is the majority of the world -and if and when not, by the military might of the world. ….
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