Introductory Study: Mid-East Peace, How? (1)

Introductory Study: Mid-East Peace, How? (1)

‘Mid-East Peace’ is a frequent term that has caught on by complacency and ease. The real term is Peace in Israel. To make the point, in any World War of the 20th Century there has never such a term been used. Rather, the definitive term – ‘War’ – was used to describe the actions against those nations that without cause, had attacked nations.

This is the true case in Israel. The ‘mid-east’ term describes peoples who have always historically attacked Israel without cause, in thousands of years of History. To understand Peace in Israel, it is first prudent to know what Israel is. It is a Nation and not the current ‘State’. Those peoples in the Nation of Israel and around it, attacking Israel without cause, are also those described as the ‘Mid-East Crisis’ – and are being attended to for ‘Mid-East Peace’. This is a complete turn around from all other historical events by Nations in war against other Nations or peoples who have attacked nations without cause, or in the least, as unfounded or unrighteous causes.

Ahead will be the exact definitions of the Nation of Israel at its creation in the Scriptures of the Holy Bible. It is then prudent to ask why all Nations of the World are not honoring the existence of the Nation of Israel, but history permitting the State of Israel only, to date. Peace in Israel shall come as the result of the World honoring the Nation of Israel and not the State of Israel as World Law. There are perhaps up to, and more than, one thousand prophecies in the Bible which already state this. It is as simple as reading it.

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